St Andrews Industrial Park
In January of 1994 the Rural Municipality of St.Andrews purchased 53 acres of agricultural land adjacent to the St.Andrews Airport. This land is situated on the corner of Highway #8 and PTH #27. The municipality then had intentions to develop the land into an Industrial Park. The municipality wanted to develop the land for two main reasons. The first being that they wanted to provide an appropriate location, out of the residential areas, for industrial businesses to locate. The second reason was to encourage economic development within the municipality and thereby enhance the tax base.
The municipality took the 53 acres and subdivided it into a road system and nineteen adjoining industrial lots. An official sod turning ceremony was held to commemorate this event. Ed Hewler, MLA of Gimli, Martin Zelych, Reeve of the Rural Municipality of St.Andrews, and Ron Fewchuk, Selkirk-Red River MP, performed the ceremony.
By the end of the year all of the nineteen lots were sold. A waiting list had to be made for all other prospective tenants who were waiting for more land to become available for subdivision. There are a great variety of businesses located in the Industrial Park. The Industrial Park consists of trucking outfits, general contractors, recycled autoparts, recreation vehicle manufacturers, amusement rides for Carnival Midways, and a storage building for the Western Canadian Aviation Museum. The Province of Manitoba also purchased one lot for future traffic interchange developments.
The Council of the Municipality of St.Andrews placed a building restriction caveat on all of the lots in the Industrial Park. The caveat states that only new metal clad structures are allowed in the Industrial Park. This insured conformity of development. When the lots were initially sold, the purchasers of the lots had one year to put up their buildings or else they would forfeit the lot. The reason that Council implemented this was so that the purchasers could not sell the lots at a higher price to another prospective buyer. The title of the lots was not given to the tenants until they had built their new metal clad buildings.