The Lockport Bridge
The early days of 1990 brought a grave concern to the residents of St. Andrews, when it was announced that the Federal Government was considering closing the Lockport Bridge. What a blow this would be to the community!
A committee was struck and soon a "Save our Bridge" campaign was on. Support poured in from various groups and soon the campaign took on the look of a celebration and kept getting expanded from the original protest meeting.
Organizers set a date of July 13 to 15 as a time for the two-day event to celebrate the official opening of "St. Andrews Lock and Dam" 80 years ago. The entire weekend was devoted to the Past with residents all donning period costumes, riding in horse-drawn buggies, having gala balls at Lower Fort Garry, fiddling, dancing, and eating.
The list of events never seemed to stop growing. Little Britain took a large role during these events by hosting the "Tea at Three" fashion show put on by the Dugald Costume Museum. Of course, the dress was "of the period" and truthfully, it was one of the highlights of the weekend.
Little Britain was not finished yet, for our Rev Don McKay was asked to take the part of the Chaplain during the anniversary of the official opening of the Locks as the first boat made use of the just completed structure 80 years ago.