Residents - Business Licensing
In accordance with The Municipal Act, a municipality may either charge a business tax or license to any business facilities within the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews.
By-Law #4053 governs and regulates business activities and it is a requirement to carry an approved license to all business operations.  Section 6 of this By-Law states: "No person shall carry on any business without having a license from the R.M. of St. Andrews".
In recent months, the By-Law Enforcement Officer has been confirming that all businesses carry licensing.  A business license is an annual fee of up to $100 depending on the nature of the business and is active for the complete calendar year ending December 31st of each year.
If you are an active business with no license, you would be guilty of an offense and are liable for conviction to pay a fine not exceeding $500 and not less than $200.  Please make sure that you have a license!
Business license applications can be picked up at the Municipal Office or you can obtain one by clicking on this link:  Business License Application Form.