Residents - Animal Control
For a number of years, Prairie By-Law Enforcement has been contracted to enforce all municipal by-laws with the exception of the Animal Control By-Law.  We have now extended their contract to include animal control services.  You can call 204-809-3231 to report any animal control issues and your complaint will be addressed by their office.
Part of the service and enforcement that Council would like residents to know is that if your animal is impounded, you will not be able to pick up your animal until all fines, boarding fees and costs have been paid.  The animals will now be boarded at the Manitoba Animal Hospital on Main Street in Winnipeg, if impounded.  Under the current by-law, if a dog is impounded, we must currently only keep the dog for 3 days, or 5 days, depending on whether the infraction occurs on a weekend.  If not claimed within this period, the Manitoba Animal Hospital will dispose of the animal.
Please be sure that your dog is licensed so that if your dog is impounded, they will know who to contact. Dog licenses are available at the Municipal Office in Clandeboye and are to be re-newed on an annual basis.
Th Animal Control By-Law regulates such things as animals running at large, ensuring dogs are properly licensed, impoundment of animals, collecting of impoundment fees, ensuring proper number of animals are allowed on properties and that kennel permits are properly applied for, apprehending dangerous animals and ensuring there are no restricted animals in the municipality without a proper permit.
More information can be obtained by reviewing the Animal Control By-Law.  This by-law also lists costs involved for fines, impoundments and licenses along with other pertinent information involving animals within the municipality.
Dog Licenses
Every dog over the age of 4 months is required to have a dog license.  Licenses can be obtained from the Municipal Office in Clandeboye or by contacting the Animal Control Officer directly.  The licenses are to be re-newed on a yearly basis.
Dog License Fees are as Follows:
  • $12.00/ year spayed/neutered
  • $40.00/year not spayed/not neutered
    It is also very important that dogs and cats be vaccinated as there are different viruses that could make a pet sick if they are ever impounded.
    Animal Control Contact Information
    Phone: (204) 809-3231
    Skunk Control
    For any major problems with skunk control, you may contact Randy Lywak at (204) 482-7087 and he will be able to assist you further with trapping the skunks.
    Remember: "A license is your pet’s free phone call home"