Residents - Waste Disposal/Recycling - Oil Recycling
Both the Earl Grey and Clandeboye Waste Disposal Grounds have Eco-Centres which accept used oil, oil filters and oil containers.
Both Eco-Centres will be open daily (on regular open waste disposal ground days) until 4:00 p.m.
Criteria for Used Oil Products
OIL: Any petroleum or synthetic crankcase oil, engine oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid or other fluid used for lubricating purposes in machinery or equipment.
OIL FILTERS: Any spin-on or element style oil filter that is used in hydraulic, transmission or internal combustion engine applications and includes a diesel fuel filter but does not include a gasoline fuel filter.
CONTAINERS: A container with a capacity of less than 30 litres that is manufactured to hold oil.
How to Recycle Your Used Oil, Filters and Containers:
  1. Collect used oil from your vehicle, lawnmower, farm equipment or other machinery and place in its original container.
  2. Do not contaminate the oil with other liquids. Solvents, paint thinner, bleaches,
    antifreeze, gasoline, PCBs, household chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, grease or water are not accepted. Recycle centre staff have information on where to take contaminated oil.
  3. Collect your used oil filters and containers, and place the filters in a clean container.
  4. Return your used oil products to the nearest recycle centre during operating hours.