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Engineering Report submitted by Randy Borsa, CET September 18, 2018. Updated Sept 24, 2018 for content clarification and public audiences.

September 18, 2018
UPDATED:  September 24, 2018
At this time, we anticipate the South Wastewater Project to be completed by the end of June of 2019 including the connections of the forcemain to West St. Paul and the gravity trunk main to the City of Winnipeg, two wastewater pumping stations, odor control systems and back-up generators at each pumping station, the main line in front of the property, and the service line from the main to the property line.  The capital cost is estimated at $7,390.00 for each property.

Once completed, home owners will be notified in writing that they have two options for payment for this service. These options are:
  1. Payment in full within 60 days after receiving our letter of completion ($7390.00).
  2. Or you can finance the cost of $7390.00 over 20 years at approximately $618.00 per year and this amount would be added to your tax bill. 
Connection to the property must be done within 5 years after completion (when system is up and running) or prior to transfer of property if sold. Connections are at the property owners’ expense except if the service is over 200 feet, the R.M. will reimburse the owner the amount for excess over 200 feet, with submission of a copy of the paid receipt for installation.

Sewer service connections require an Inspection by the R.M. and the permit fee is $100. There is also a $500.00 damage deposit (refundable) if installing the line at Curb Stop. 

Upon hookup there is the Utilities Buy-In Charge of $2,450.00 and Participation Fee of $243.00 (2018 rates) for the City of Winnipeg that must be paid upfront.

There is also a requirement for a water meter (used for billing amount of sewage pumped into the system) to be placed on each property, (not including outdoor consumption). The supply and installation cost of the water meter will be financed by the R.M. of St. Andrews, and the Manitoba Water Services Board.

Further information is on the R.M. of St. Andrews website showing a list of acceptable contractors, as well as material specifications.

Also, the present Contractor/Subcontractor may be offering to extend the service line from the property line to where you may want to connect (pump in basement, pump in septic tank, or line going to septic field). 

The advantage of extending the service line at this time, is that the costs for Utility clearances, excavation at the property line, and restoration in the ditch are covered under the present contract.


To view the latest updates on the Low Pressure Sewer Project, please click on the following link.  This report was presented to Council at the August 14, 2018 Council Meeting:  August 14, 2018 - R.M. of St. Andrews Low Pressure Sewer Project


South St. Andrews Sewer Hook-up
Passes Municipal Board Scrutiny
Mayor, councillors satisfied with process, look for positives ahead 

St. Andrews, MB (Dec. 20, 2017) — A ruling by The Municipal Board of Manitoba in favour of connecting the South St. Andrews Sewer Phase 2 to the existing West St. Paul system has re-energized the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews Council’s positive outlook for the municipality.

The December 15, 2017 report was received by the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews on December 20, 2017 and stated clearly:  “In the Board’s opinion the proposed project is necessary and expedient and should proceed.”

 “We are pleased with The Municipal Board’s diligence in handling these hearings and we are pleased that their ruling confirmed the diligence that we as a council have put forward on behalf of all St. Andrews municipality residents,” said Mayor George Pike. “We appreciate that all residents have the opportunity to participate in these hearings and we are satisfied that people were given the opportunity to participate in the process. The R.M. of St Andrews followed the processes as outlined by The Municipal Act, and now with this ruling, we will move forward together.”

The South St. Andrews Wastewater Project’s Phase 2 Municipal Board Hearings concluded on November 2nd, 2017 after two years of project design and planning. Phase 1 of the project was approved by The Municipal Board March 6th, 2017 and construction followed immediately. The two phases represented more than 16 years of discussions and advancements on the project by previous and existing St. Andrews Rural Municipality Councils with governments, regulatory bodies, residents and stakeholders.

The ruling by The Municipal Board of Manitoba came from the Municipality’s due diligence in assessing options and costs for the residents of St. Andrews. The R.M. is satisfied The Municipal Board process has brought conclusion and served to represent the long history of talks and negotiations, the efficiency of existing infrastructure, the undeniable economics and the bettering of the environment that the ruling supported.

“As this evolved, it became a chance for the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews to modernize, regroup and become a leader in Manitoba,” said Mayor Pike. “That all said, we didn’t just wake up one day and say let’s change for the sake of change and put everyone through 16 years of discussion here. At the time, we were responding to Provincial Legislation in the Red River Corridor. We approached that legislation with transparency, diligence and commitment and I am proud of the extra steps and dedication we all made over the entire process to upgrade our municipality and make it better. The system will address the long-standing issue of leaking fields in the municipality to protect the watershed, our drinking water and our future generations.”

The next steps include project tendering to enable construction. Residents and interested parties are encouraged to read the full Municipal Board Report by clicking on the following link:
To read about the highlights from the Municipal Board Presentation made on Nov. 2, 2017 by Mayor Pike addressing the System Costs and Selkirk Servicing Discussion, please click on the following link:
Highlights from the Municipal Board Presentation made by Mayor Pike on Nov. 2, 2017 Addressing the System Costs and Selkirk Servicing Discussion
For a summary of the costs for Phase 2 of the South St. Andrews Wastewater Project, please click on the following link:
South St. Andrews Wastewater System - Phase 2 Cost Summary