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Parsnip Season - Safe Handling

Posted: 2017-06-23

It’s the flowering season for Wild and Cow Parsnip. We have received  some calls about controlling the plants. As mentioned last year, these plants are very common in our area and should be treated like Poison Ivy – avoid skin contact, do NOT burn plant material, clean all PPE and tools after use, etc.


First Aid after skin contact is to get indoors (away from UV light), remove contaminated clothing and wash the skin with soap and cool water. If burns occur, see a doctor or nurse as soon as possible for chemical burn treatment (or call health links for more info).


Residents and ground maintenance staff can refer to this excellent Ontario document on identifying and safely removing these plants.


If there is an area where we can safely treat the plants with herbicide, Selkirk Weed Control can arrange staff to visit, however we need to use glyphosate (round-up) which can damage neighbouring plants, so we would be going in with a back-pack sprayer. *note, removing poisonous plants is one exception to the cosmetic pesticide ban, when human health is at risk*