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The following events for:  June 3, 2017
  Women Fly 2017

Women Fly 2017 - Career and Recruitment Fair including workshops, presentations, and demonstrations from all aspects of aviation industry (over 140 different careers highlighted) tailored to career minded adults (women and men aged 18 – 35) - Activities held in various hangars near ramp 1 and 2 - 1000 Free flights being offered - Tower Tour for women and men interested in learning more about ATC as a career - Approximately 10,000 people expected (family and friends welcome) - Opens at 8:30 am continues til 5:00 pm - Various aircrafts will be on display including the City of Winnipeg Police Helicopter, STARS ambulance helicopter, and RCAF.

  Women Fly 2017 - Aviation-Related Career Fair for Men and Women - St. Andrews Airport