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UPDATE: South St. Andrews Wastewater System and Rates

Posted: May 27, 2020

Over the past two weeks, Council has heard residents’ concerns about the initial rate application to the Public Utilities Board (PUB) for the new South St. Andrews Wastewater System.

We’ve listened, and we agree that the rates suggested for the first year are high. It’s clear that we should take more time to get this right. Therefore, we’ve decided to withdraw our application to PUB and reconsider our rate model with your input.

Over the next few months, we’ll be inviting residents to share their views as we look at alternatives. After we’ve found the model that works best for the community, our rate study will be updated and a new rate application will be filed with PUB.

PUB supports our approach and understands our need to step back, take stock and invite more input. This project has been shaped by multiple councils and administrators over many years, and decisions have not always been based on consistent information and assumptions.

Our next step is to develop a plan for consulting with the community. This will take some time because we want to ensure we have accurate information to share. 

Please be assured that construction and other important work will continue, with the goal of having the system ready and running as soon as possible for those who are eager to connect. We expect to have our new rate application ready for PUB by late summer.

Meanwhile, we welcome your input as we develop alternatives and our process for discussing ideas with residents. We encourage you to register for Connect, our new communications system, so you can receive the latest updates on our plans. If you have ideas to share, please send them to info@rmofstandrews.com.

March 25, 2020 Important Notice
Public Notice is hereby given that Airwise Inc. will be suspending all water meter installations in the R.M. of St. Andrews.  Suspension of services will be in effect until further notice.  The safety of both residents and staff is priority and Airwise will be adhering to all the necessary safety precautions that are currently in place.
We thank everyone for their cooperation during this time. 

The Rural Municipality of St. Andrews is a large municipality with a population of over 11,000 people.  Over the years, many new subdivisions have developed, increasing our population in the south part of St. Andrews.
In 2009, new provincial regulations came into force to address longstanding health and environmental concerns caused by failing septic fields within the Red River Corridor.  The Red River Corridor Designated Area was established by the Province of Manitoba, requiring that onsite wastewater systems (septic fields) be phased out.  Since the new regulations came into effect, municipalities along the Red River have been working with provincial and federal partners to establish a permanent sewer infrastructure.
Council and Administration have worked hard over the years researching the best and most affordable options for residents.  Engineering studies and discussions with neighbouring municipalities have occurred and it was determined that the most cost-effective option in bringing permanent wastewater service to South St. Andrews was to build a force main extension along Main Street/Highway #9, which would carry wastewater to the City of Winnipeg's North End Water Pollution Control Centre for treatment.  The municipality has received significant funding and grants from the government, which has helped to relieve the financial burden for residents and the municipality.
This new wastewater system will address the long-standing issue of leaking fields in the municipality to protect the watershed, our drinking water and our future generations and we look forward to moving ahead with this project after many years of research and hard work.  This new system will be beneficial for all residents who are part of the sewer installation process and we will assist residents with any inquiries they may have as this project progresses and update our website with new information as it arises.
We have several sub-pages to this section that provide both the latest as well as background information on the wastewater project.  To access this information, you can click on the following quick links: