Does the the RM of St. Andrews compensate residents for damage caused by equipment?

Sod, pavement and trees are sometimes damaged by the RM of St. Andrews snow plowing equipment. If this happens to your property, please report the incident to the Public Works Department at (204) 738-2076. If the damage was caused by RM equipment, staff will go out to the site and assess the damage and determine whether compensation will be provided or not.
I want to put a driveway onto my property, what is required?

A Private Approach permit must be obtained from the RM office which costs $450 ($100 for the permit and $350 for a refundable damage deposit). The $350 damage deposit will be refunded after the culvert has been installed and back-filled, as long as no damage has been done to the road or culvert. The RM will provide the homeowner/builder with the correct culvert size required. Complete details of the installation and permit process can be found in the Private Approach By-Law No. 4313.
I have questions about onsite wastewater management (my septic field, holding tank, etc), who do I contact?

You would contact Manitoba Sustainable Development - Environment Office in Selkirk. They are located at 446 Main Street. You may call 785-5023 for further information. This is also where you would obtain permits for installing a new septic field/injector system etc.