Trees & Vegetation

The Public Works Department does a significant amount of vegetation management throughout the municipality. Below is a brief summary of some of our tasks:
Tree Cutting
  • Public Works performs general tree cutting where required in order for the RM equipment to drive down public right-of-way roads and ditches without obstruction.
  • RM staff perform general tree cutting and removal due to storms or rot, or if the trees encroach or pose a safety hazard to residents on public right-of-ways.
Grass Cutting
  • Grass along the side of roads and in the ditches requires cutting primarily to prevent snow accumulation on the roads during winter and to improve drainage.
  • Top cuts are performed typically starting after the May long weekend. Top cuts may be done a 2nd time dependent on weather and time.
  • Bottom cuts are performed typically in the late summer and into the fall until snowfall. Bottom cuts are also performed if the conditions allow and there is no water in the bottom of the ditch.
  • Public Works also perform grass & weed cutting using hand operated trimmers where the heavy equipment cannot access or along trails and around culverts or wherever it's needed.
Weed Control
  • The Selkirk Weed Board is contracted to cut grass if RM resources are not available or able to complete the work.
  • Public Works manages and coordinates the contracted work performed by the Selkirk Weed Board to spray for weeds along roadsides and ditches. High priority drains are sprayed on a bi-annual basis.
Dutch Elm Disease
  • Public Works manages and coordinates the contracted removal of diseased Dutch Elm trees within the RM. The diseased trees are either chopped on-site or transported by the contractor to either waste disposal ground in order for the custodian to burn the wood. Burial or burning are the acceptable methods of disposal. Burial is not practiced due to the usage of landfill space required.