Snow Removal

The R.M. of St. Andrews provides regular snow removal and ice maintenance on all "all-weather" roadways. In the event of a major snowfall, roads will be cleared as soon as possible, or once the snow has stopped accumulating. If there are high winds and blowing snow, equipment will be sent out as soon as the winds die down enough so that visibility is safe enough for snow clearing operations.
Staff will work evenings and weekends when required, to remove snow from municipal roadways to make roads accessible and safe. Our staff will monitor roads and sanding trucks will be sent out for ice control throughout the winter. Winter sand will be applied to all intersections and portions of roadways where required.  
To ensure your roadway is maintained efficiently, please adhere to the following requirements:
  • All property owners are responsible for clearing residual snow ridges/windrows from the end of their approaches and driveways. 
  • Snow is not to be pushed, shoveled or blown from any residential or commercial property onto municipal property, including roadways and ditches. If snow is pushed onto a roadway, the snow can form an ice block which will damage our equipment and if hit by motorists, can cause a great deal of damage. Your cooperation reduces the time required to plow all streets which in turn reduces costs.
  • Vehicles are not to be parked on roadways as they will obstruct and may cause inefficient clearing of snow.
  • Ensure your private properties (ie. garbage bins, driveway markers and/or property signs, mailboxes etc.) are not in the way of the snow plow or the overflow of the snow wake being removed.
If we receive a large amount of snowfall and it is causing our roadways to be unsafe, the municipality will ridge snow on agricultural land to prevent this accumulation on the roadway. Snow ridging is performed to create safer driving conditions for the public and notice will be given to land owners affected.
How can you help during snow clearing efforts?
  • Clear the way - before the snow flies, please remove newspaper boxes from roadways to avoid interfering with snow removal operations.
  • Slow down - reduce your driving speed to account for slippery road conditions and snow clearing operations during and after a snowstorm.
  • Practice plow patience - our plow operators work extremely hard to maintain high levels of service during a snow event. Please be patient while roads are being cleared.
  • Timelines for this work depend on the severity and duration of the storm. As a result, it is difficult for the RM staff to give residents a specific time by when their street or sidewalk will be cleared.
  • Do not pass an active plow on the right-hand side. Passing an active plow and following too closely is dangerous for you, the plow operator and other drivers. Snow plow operators will pull over and let you pass when it's safe to do so.
  • Stay 20 meters behind snow-clearing equipment.