Waste Disposal Grounds

Waste Disposal Grounds - remain operational but the Eco-Centres are closed and we will not be accepting oil, oil filters or oil containers at this time.  Please do not enter the building and please practice social distancing and do not come within 2 meters of staff.
Waste Disposal Ground Visits:  Residents are requested to limit/minimize the frequency of visits to the landfills at this time.  Reduce your trips to the landfill by composting on your own property, store recyclables and defer trips to the landfill as much as possible.
Clandeboye and Earl Grey Waste Disposal Grounds E-Waste:  The custodians will not be accepting electronic waste at this time due to the additional handling required.
Earl Grey Waste Disposal Grounds Paint and Lamps:  The custodians will not be accepting paint products and fluorescent lamps and light bulbs at this time due to the additional handling required.
We want to thank everyone for their continued cooperation in placing refuse in the proper locations when visiting the waste disposal grounds.
For more information on what can be recycled go to Simply Recycle.

The RM has two Waste Disposal Grounds:
Earl Grey WDG   Located on the east side of Earl Grey Road between Bay Road & Donald Road
Clandeboye WDG  Located on the north side of Bell Road, just west of Highway# 9.

For hours of each waste disposal grounds and tipping fee amounts click here
To ensure locations are managed in an environmentally sustainable manner, the Municipality has implemented the following rules for waste disposal grounds and recycling depots. 
• All vehicles must report to the custodian prior to entry and show their Refuse Permit for access to the waste disposal grounds.
• All loads must be secured so that garbage does not fall off onto roadways and cause a danger to others.
• All household garbage must be bagged in at least a 70LB bag (regular green garbage bag).
• Separate garbage into the following categories: household, burnables, recyclables and compost materials. 
• No plastic bags in the compost pile or Recycling Bins.
• No scavenging.
REFUSE PERMITS:  Please ensure you have your Refuse Permit to gain access to the waste disposal grounds.  If you do not have your Refuse Permit, access will be denied.  The current permits are green and white in color.  If you require a new permit, you may purchase on at either WDG or you can purchase one from the Municipal Office.  The fee for the permit is $10.00.