• Recycling Depots

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The RM of St. Andrews has recycling depots at the following locations:
Harry's Foods - 5571 Highway No. #9
Earl Grey Waste Disposal Ground - Earl Grey Road 
Clandeboye Waste Disposal Ground - Bell Road 
South St. Andrews Fire Hall - 5610 Highway No. #9
St. Andrews Airport - Airport Drive  

The following recyclables are accepted at all locations:
Glass containers         all clear and colored glass containers (not including window glass, broken containers, ceramics, drinking glasses, china, mirrors or light bulbs, unclean lids and containers)
Newspapers newspapers and TV listing inserts (paper must be clean and dry, loose or bundled, and not packed in plastic bags)
Box board cereal boxes, facial tissue boxes, corrugated cardboard, soap boxes, rinsed milk cartons, cardboard egg cartons, wrapping paper tubes, toilet paper tubes, etc (break down and flatten boxes, remove any plastic liners, do not include tetra paks)
Corrugated cardboard  
Juice Boxes  
Metal/Tin Cans metal/tin food cans and ends, and jar lids (rinse cans to remove food residue)
Milk cartons  
Telephone books  
PET plastic - #1 plastics including all plastics with the #1 recycling number such as plastic soft drink and liquor bottles (with plastic caps removed)
HDPE -  #2 clear plastics
#2 colored plastics
all plastics with the #2 recycling number. Acceptable jugs include javex, water, soap, shampoo, cooking oil, motor oil, antifreeze, juice, vinegar, etc (be sure containers are completely empty)
#5 plastic  
Other plastics
#3, #4, #6