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Tax Information 
When are taxes due? 
Taxes are due on October 31st of each year. 

Is there a discount for paying taxes early? 
Yes, there is a 2% discount if taxes are paid before July 31. Discount is also applied to any prepayments of taxes. 

What if I want to make an early payment for taxes? 
Any tax payments that are paid prior to receipt of the tax bill will be credited towards the tax account and receive the appropriate 2% discount. 

Do you send out monthly tax statements? 
No, the tax bills are printed by the Province - Manitoba Local Government and will be mailed out once during the middle of the year. 

When are tax bills sent out? 
Tax bills are usually mailed out in June or July of each year. 

I mailed in my tax payment at the end of October. I just received my paid receipt and it shows that there is a balance owing. Why? 
Payment was likely received after October 31. If there is no postmark by Canada Post (or if it is illegible), then we stamp it as the date received at our office and you will be charged penalty for the month of November for late payment. 

I sent in a payment for the amount that was stated on my tax bill but I received a receipt showing there are still taxes owing? Why? 
If there were arrears owing on the tax statement, then the tax amount due would change each month because of the monthly penalty charge. 

What is the penalty/interest rate charged? 
1 ΒΌ% interest rate charged per month.

I never received a paid receipt for my taxes, why?
As of 2016, the RM of St. Andrews no longer mails out paid receipts for taxes unless requested by the property owner. This change came into effect to save tax dollars on postage for these significant mailings each year. We would be more than happy to mail, fax or email a paid tax receipt if requested.
How much does it cost for a tax certificate? 
The cost for a tax certificate is $50. A tax certificate is a document confirming that taxes have been paid or indicate what amount is owing. This is usually requested by lawyers when ownership changes are taking place.

Building and Development Information 

I want to put an access/driveway on to my property, what is required? 
Click here for information on the Private Approach permit process. 

Where do I find out information on zoning and building permits? 
Click here for information on zoning and building permits. 

I want to know about septic fields and wastewater issues, who do I contact? 
You would contact the Environment Office in Selkirk. They are located at 446 Main Street. You may call 785-5023 for further information. This is also where you would obtain permits for installing a new septic field/injector system etc.
Dog Licensing 

How many dogs can I have on my property before I have to get a kennel licence? 
You can have three dogs on your property before you are required to get a kennel licence. 

Do I have to obtain a dog licence for my dogs? 
Yes, a dog licence must be obtained on a yearly basis for each dog. If the dog is spayed/neutered, the cost is $12 and if it isn't spayed/neutered, the cost is $40. If paying by cheque it is made payable to "RM of St. Andrews". We require the owner's name, address, phone number, breed of dog, color of dog and rabies certificate number. The tags can be obtained from the Municipal Office in Clandeboye or you can mail the information in with a cheque and the tag(s) can be mailed out.

General Information

Where can I hunt? 
To access a hunting area map, click here.