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This page connects you to information about the new wastewater utility that will soon serve homes south of PTH 67.
We've finished construction and tested the new equipment. Now we're crossing the last few hurdles before we begin operating the service in the spring of 2021.

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Latest News
Public infrastructure fee finalized for wastewater system
FEBRUARY 25, 2021 - St. Andrews Council has finalized the public infrastructure fee for properties in the South St. Andrews Wastewater System. The one-time fee will be lower than the original estimate because the system has been completed under budget.
Council confirmed on February 23 that the fee will be $7,264, compared to the original estimate of $7,390. Property owners will be able to pay the entire fee up front, or can finance it on property taxes over a 20-year term. If financing, the annual payment will be $464 and the first payment will be due October 2021, when property taxes are paid.
Details will be mailed out next week to all homeowners in the service area. For a complete overview of property owners' costs and fees, visit the Facts for Homeowners page on our website. You can download a fact sheet showing all costs at a glance. 
Notice of Application from the PUB Regarding Initial Interim Wastewater Rates for the South St. Andrews Wastewater Utility
FEBRUARY 22, 2021 - The R.M. of St. Andrews has applied to the Public Utilities Board (PUB) for initial interim wastewater rates for the South St. Andrews Wastewater Utility as set out in By-Law No. 4350. View the notice here.
Special service levy by-law proceeding to The Municipal Board for approval
FEBRUARY 4, 2021 - St. Andrews Council has unanimously voted in favour of proceeding with By-Law No. 4349, which proposes a special levy on unconnected properties in the service area for the South St. Andrews Wastewater System. Council will now ask The Municipal Board to give final approval to the by-law.

Council’s vote was held on February 3 following a February 2 public hearing, when residents had the opportunity to present comments and concerns related to the by-law. Council heard two presentations and reviewed 48 objections presented in writing. These submissions, as well as comments received through the 2020 community survey, will be forwarded to The Municipal Board along with the RM’s request for approval of the proposed by-law.

If the by-law is approved, unconnected properties in the service area will pay an annual levy of $100 once the new system begins operating. The intent is to keep utility rates reasonable during the first few years, when fewer properties will be using the service. The levy would be prorated in the first year of the system’s operation, and the by-law would be in effect for six years. At that point, Council would decide whether a further by-law is needed.

Recordings of the public hearing, special Council meeting and information meetings can be viewed on the RM's YouTube Channel. For more information, please read the proposed by-law and the presentation explaining the rationale for the levy.

Council thanks all residents who took the time to provide comments about this important decision. 
Virtual Open House recordings now on YouTube.
FEBRUARY 2, 2021 - Recordings of the information meetings presented on Zoom last week are now available for viewing on the RM's YouTube Channel.
Over 200 people tuned in as RM staff answered common questions about the start-up of the South St. Andrews Wastewater System. With so many people participating, it was impossible to answer every question during the calls.
Staff are now following up with participants directly and preparing new FAQs on the Facts for Homeowners page. You can ask questions any time using the contact form.
Reminder: Rebates available if you need more than 200 feet of pipe
FEBRUARY 2, 2021 - If your property has a long setback, you may be eligible for a rebate on some pipe costs as you prepare to connect to the new South St. Andrews Wastewater System.
Through the Homeowner Infrastructure Assistance Grant, the RM will reimburse homeowners who must push more than 200 feet of pipe to reach the curbstop. To receive the rebate, just submit your invoice to the RM Office once the work is done. The RM will rebate costs for the portion of the installation beyond 200 feet.
Council approved this grant in 2017 with the aim of keeping homeowners' costs reasonable - particularly for older homes along the river, where lots are typically deep and narrow.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 construction is now complete. All residents in these service areas will have the opportunity to connect once the system starts up in the spring of 2021.
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