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This page connects you to information about the new wastewater utility that will soon serve homes south of PTH 67.
We've finished construction and tested the new equipment. Now we're crossing the last few hurdles before we begin full operation of the service.

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Latest News
Special Service Levy Canceled for New Wastewater System
JUNE 23, 2021 - Now that the final numbers are in, the RM has learned that the financial position of the new South St. Andrews Wastewater System will be much more favourable than expected in the first years of operation. As a result, Council has set aside its earlier plan for a $100 Special Service Levy on unconnected properties in the service area.
Council's decision is based on an updated calculation of costs and revenues. Real-life data can now replace many assumptions used in earlier estimates, which substantially changes the annual financial picture.
The difference is mostly due to one important factor - how individual households have chosen to pay the $7,264 Local Improvement District fee. As it turned out, the number of households choosing to pay in one lump sum was much lower than expected. A very high proportion will instead pay the fee over 20 years along with their property taxes.
This has a big impact on the new utility's annual operating revenues. The bottom line is that the utility will be able to keep rates reasonable and come close to breaking even every year, without the aid of a Special Service Levy. (For more explanation, please see the FAQs in the Wastewater Services section).
Based on the new financial projections, Council has unanimously agreed to withdraw the RM's application to The Municipal Board for a by-law to create the levy. The Municipal Board has been informed, and has canceled the public hearing scheduled for June 28-30.
This change will have no impact on the utility rates recently approved by The Public Utilities Board. 
Approved interim wastewater rates
MAY 19, 2021 - The Rural Municipality of St. Andrews has applied to the Public Utilities Board for revised initial interim wastewater rates for the South St. Andrews Wastewater Utility as set out in By-Law No. 4350, read the first time on December 8, 2020.
The approved rates are as follows:
   2021  2022
 Quarterly Service Charge    $80.82      $80.82   
 Wastewater (per cubic meter)     $3.57    $3.57
 Minimum Quarterly Charge *   $130.80      $130.80   
 Utilities buy-in Charge $2,680.00 $3,000.00
       *Based on 14 cubic meters     

For more information, the full Public Utilities Board Order No. 55/21 may be found online on the Public Utilities Board website or you may contact the Municipal Office at (204) 738-2264. 
A guide to fees for the new wastewater system
MARCH 11, 2021 (UPDATED JUNE 23, 2021) - There are three fees related to this new service. Here's a quick guide to help you understand each one:

  • The local improvement fee covers the cost of building the public infrastructure. The fee is $7,264.37 per parcel. Unless you've already prepaid this fee, an additional charge of $504 will be added to your tax bill every year. The first annual payment will be due with property taxes in the fall of 2021. 
  • The City of Winnipeg connection fee will be paid when you’re ready to connect to the system. The fee will be $2,680 for properties connecting in 2021. The fee will increase to $3,000 in 2022 and $3,100 in 2023.
The City charges this one-time buy-in or connection fee to all municipalities using the City wastewater infrastructure. 
You will pay this fee to the RM of St. Andrews, which will then forward the funds to the City. This fee must be paid before you connect.

  • Quarterly utility bills will be issued after you begin using the system. For a two- to three-person household, the quarterly utility bill will be about $200 to $250 per quarter, depending on the volume of wastewater generated. You can see the approved rates here

What you’ll pay and when

If you connect to the system in 2021, you will pay three types of fees this year:

 LOCAL IMPROVEMENT FEE  $504 added to your annual property tax bill (assuming you didn't prepay the full fee in April 2021)
 CITY OF WINNIPEG CONNECTION FEE  $2,680 (or more if connecting after 2021)
 QUARTERLY UTILITY BILLS  Will vary by household

If you don’t connect in 2021, you will pay one fee this year:

 LOCAL IMPROVEMENT FEE                   $504 added to your annual property tax bill (assuming you didn't prepay the full fee in April 2021)
For more information see the new FAQs about fees
Pre-hook-up inspections
MARCH 4, 2021 - If you plan to connect to the South St. Andrews Wastewater System this year, you can book an appointment for a pre-hook-up inspection now. 

Before your inspection date, you’ll need to have a meter installed and complete the work required on your property.

A wide range of inspection appointment times are available to accommodate residents’ work schedules. To schedule a date and time, you can submit a Service Request through www.rmofstandrews.com or contact the RM office at (204) 738-2076.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 construction is now complete. All residents in these service areas will have the opportunity to connect once the system is fully operational.
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If you have concerns or need information about any aspect of the project, please get in touch. We'll get back to you quickly. Submit your inquiry through our Service Request Form.

Having trouble with the submission form? Share your query by phone by calling (204) 738-2771.
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