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April 5, 2021 Update
Reported by Jim Stinson: 
The ice has cleared Netley Creek and is clear as far north as one can see. There is not even any shoreline ice north of Netley. Breezy Point was 712.8 feet in the morning and Selkirk 713.98 feet and Lockport at 724.6 ft. 
With the ice clear of Netley, there is no risk of any ice jamming or high water situations.
March 29, 2021 Update
Reported by Jim Stinson:
The river break up is progressing nicely and it is wide open to just south of Sugar Island. There is no build up of broken ice. The weather system that we will be experiencing over the next couple of days should not cause any problems on the river. The weekend will see double warm digits and should really cause the ice to deteriorate. The level at Selkirk has been stable at 714.8 ft. with a flow of 7,204 cfs. The level at Breezy Point also remains stable at 713.4. So far it looks like a perfect melt.
March 22, 2021 Update
Reported by Jim Stinson:
  • The overland melt is almost completely over with the drains and ditches. There is little to no water in these drains.
  • As of 10:00 am this morning the Red River was free of ice from the Floodway Outlet south.
  • Continuing further north there are only small pockets of open water and no sign of movement as of yet.
  • The forecast for the next week is single positive digit temperatures in the day time and single negative digits overnight.
  • The only moisture in the forecast for the next week is this Thursday but the amount is unknown is unlikely to cause any issues.
  • The three Spypoint cameras have been put in place on the Red River.  One points north from Netley towards the cut, next one showing across the river just north of Goldeye Creek and the last one showing across the river at the Campground.  All cameras have cables securing them to trees well above any previous flood levels.
  • Today the level at Selkirk is 714.6 feet and the road into Selkirk does not flood until approx. 721. 
  • The level at Breezy Point is 713.5 well below any flood threat.
  • The Red River is open south of Grafton ND as of this morning.
March 15, 2021


Manitoba’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre advises that spring run-off due to snowmelt has started in most of the southern Manitoba basins.

River ice conditions are expected to weaken and users should be cautious when venturing onto the ice.

Water levels on the Red River continue to rise approximately one foot per day. The Red River is expected to peak at Emerson between March 18 to 21. The Red River is expected to remain within its banks and the forecast peak will not require the use of the floodway.

Manitoba’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre released its first spring thaw outlook on Feb. 26. The report is at https://www.gov.mb.ca/mit/floodinfo/pdf/2021/february_2021_high_water_outlook_report.pdf.

Posted: March 2, 2021
The RM is fortunate to have Jim Stinson back with us this year to assist in preparations for any possible high water level events that may occur.
New this year, we have purchased cameras and raised two roads that have been traditionally impacted by flooding. These cameras will provide monitoring of ice movement 24 hours a day during break up.
We will continue to communicate regularly with residents through CONNECT and our website, posting updates on ice movement, as well as footage from the newly acquired cameras along with some possible drone video footage. If you aren't already registered for CONNECT, please sign up now so you can receive important updates and information by text, email or phone call - whichever method you prefer.
The Province of Manitoba released their Spring Thaw Outlook on February 26 which also included their Hydrologic Forecast report. You can view the report here.  

If you are concerned about potential flooding this upcoming spring or have questions, please contact Jim Stinson, our Emergency Event Manager at 204-806-0107 or email jim.dar@mymts.net.

Province's Flood Outlook Information 
To view the Province's latest flood outlook information and news releases, please click on the following link: 
To view the Government of Canada's Real-Time Hydrometic Data Graph for Netley Creek near Petersfield, please click on the following link: https://wateroffice.ec.gc.ca/report/real_time_e.html?stn=05OJ008
To view the Government of Canada's Real-Time Hydrometic Data Graph for Breezy Point, please click on the following link:

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During an emergency or flood situation, we are able to map out specific areas and send important notifications to those registered individuals in the specified area immediately. It is a very useful and important tool for us to communicate with you so please register today!