Getting Your Property Ready


As you prepare to hook up to the new system, a contractor is a great source of information. Qualified contractors can help you assess the work required, determine the costs and make sure all requirements for permits and inspections, as well as technical inspections, are met.
It's important to ensure that the people you hire have the right training and experience for the work. The RM of St. Andrews has compiled these fact sheets to guide you.
We have expanded our list of contractors on this fact sheet which lists local contractors who can meet all requirements to work on this project. You will find important information about the responsibilities of the homeowner and contractor, and factors that will affect the cost of the work

In this fact sheet, you'll find a detailed list of all contractor requirements and technical specifications for the work on your property.

Hook-up Procedure
Prior to connection to the municipal sewer system, the on-property work must be completed and inspected.
The procedure to follow is:
  • Submit a service request, or call 204-738-2076 to get a water meter installed. Service Request: Category Type = Environment/Utilities; Request Type = Wastewater Meter Installation
  • For information on the wastewater system, read the Getting Your Property Ready and FAQ’s sections on the RM of St. Andrews wastewater services webpage.
  • Once the on-property work is completed or when the final tie-in is required, submit a service request to get a pre turn-on inspection done. Service Request: Category Type = Environment/Utilities; Request Type = Wastewater Inquiry
  • If the inspection passes, a cheque made out to the R.M. of St. Andrews for the one-time City of Winnipeg Buy-In Fee of $3,100 (in 2023) can be given to the inspector at that time.
  • The RM will coordinate with your contractor (if required) to do the final tie-in, and we will schedule a date to obtain an initial water meter reading, as well as open the curb stop valve at the property line to allow wastewater to enter the municipal sewer system. A notice will be left at your door to let you know the turn-on was completed that day.