• Property Tax & Assessment

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Due to COVID-19 and limitations to the number of people allowed in the office at one time, we request that residents use remote payment options for property tax payments when possible.  These options include mailing a cheque, paying through on-line banking or using the mail slot located in front of the Municipal Office (leave cheque in envelope with your Roll Number written on it - do not leave cash).  


Budget 2021 - Changes to Education Property Tax Rebate

Manitoba will begin phasing out education property taxes by implementing the Education Property Rebate 

Manitoba will begin phasing out education property taxes, as was committed to under the $2,020 Tax Rollback Guarantee, by implementing the Education Property Tax Rebate in 2021. Manitoba is currently the only Province that utilizes locally-determined municipal school property taxes to fund its education systems. The phasing out of education property taxes will modernize Manitoba’s tax structure and put Manitobans on an equal footing with other provinces that fund education from general revenues.

Property owners will receive an Education Property Tax Rebate cheque to reduce a portion of their education property taxes, enabling them to keep more of their hard earned money.  No application is required and property owners will receive their Education Property Tax Rebate cheque before their municipal property taxes are due.


Residential and farm properties

For 2021, owners of residential and farm properties will receive a 25 per cent rebate of the school division special levy payable. Residential properties include single dwelling units, condos and multiple unit dwellings.

The Education Property Tax Rebate will be based on the school division special levy before the Education Property Tax Credit Advance.

Questions and Answers can be found at: Province of Manitoba | Education Property Tax

Property Assessment 
In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, no personal identifiers are included in the Government of Manitoba property assessment search database. You are able to search for property assessment information (using the legal description, roll number, or street address) by clicking on the link below. 
You may also contact the Assessment Branch in Selkirk at (204) 785-5092 to inquire about your property assessment information.
Tax Statements

Property tax statements are issued in June of each year in accordance with the latest property ownership information provided to the Municipality. If an ownership change has occurred, please forward the property tax statement to the current owner or return it immediately to the Municipal Office. Failure to receive a bill does not excuse an owner from responsibility for payment of taxes or application of late penalties.
Discount Period
A discount of 2% is applied for early payment of current taxes up to July 31. Current taxes are payable at par from August 1 to October 31.  This discount also applies to any pre-payments made prior to the Tax Statements being mailed out.

Taxes are due by October 31.  Penalty on arrears is calculated at 1 1/4% per month commencing on November 1. Penalties are calculated and added on the first day of each month that the taxes remain unpaid.

Tax Receipts
Tax receipts will only be issued upon request. 

Payment Options
The Municipality accepts the following payment arrangements:
1. In person: at the Municipal Office located at 500 Railway Avenue, Clandeboye
2. By mail: R.M. of St. Andrews, P.O. Box 130, Clandeboye, MB R0C 0P0
3. Online: set up a payment option for property taxes with your financial institution (shown below), using your roll number as your account number.  To do this, you must access your existing on-line bill payment system through your financial institution's website and add the R.M. of St. Andrews as a Payee. You will then use your Roll Number, without the decimal, as the account number. The account number must be a total of 9 digits.  Please be sure to allow at least 5 business days for processing of payment. 
For example:
If you have a roll no. with 4 digits such as 1917 - you would enter 001917000 (two zeros in front and 3 at the end)
If you have a roll no. with 5 digits such as 43605 - you would enter 043605000 (one zero in front and 3 at the end)
If you have a roll no. with 6 digits such as 652300 - you would enter 652300000 (three zeros at the end)

 Bank of Montreal

 Bank of CIBC
Payee: St. Andrews (Rural Mun)

 RBC Royal Bank
Payee: (Andrews)

 TD bank
Payee: St. Andrews (RM of)


Credit Unions 
Payee: standrews174tax

4. Tax Installment Payment Program (TIPP): allows ratepayers to have automatic monthly withdrawals from their bank accounts.  To obtain a TIPP form, please click here: TIPPS Application Form
5. Installment Payments: monthly payments can be made either by coming into the Municipal Office or by mailing in post-dated cheques and payments will be credited to the tax account.

Payment Methods

The Municipality accepts debit, cheque or cash for payments.  We DO NOT accept credit cards.

1. Cheques (made payable to the R.M. of St. Andrews): be sure to write the roll no. on the cheque or present tax statement when making payment so as to ensure that payment is applied to the correct property. The effective date for payment will be the date of the postmark of Canada Post. If the postmark is absent or illegible, the effective date of payment will be the actual day of receipt. To avoid late fees, mail in a post dated cheque. For your convenience, there is a mailbox located at the entrance of the Municipal Office for those who are unable to attend during office hours.
2. Debit: many debit cards have daily limits so please verify with your financial institution prior to attending the Municipal Office and making payment.