Development Approvals

Development refers to activities that result in a change of land use, the construction or addition to a building(s), or the creation of a parcel of land. To develop your property, approval of a development application may be required. Development applications are approved by the R.M. Council or the Red River Planning District Board, depending on the type of application. 

To view upcoming Public Hearings for development applications in the Municipality, please visit the Planning Notices section on our home page. For more information on the Planning Hearing process, click here

Below is a brief description and application information on development applications. 

A variance is a deviation from the requirements set out in the Zoning By-Law that apply to your property. This type of application seeks approval for non-conforming building setbacks, lot sizes, size of accessory structures, parking requirements, etc.  

Conditional Use
The Zoning By-law establishes permitted or conditional land uses in each zone. A conditional use refers to a type of land use that may be appropriate in certain areas of the Municipality, but due to the size or nature of the use must be approved on a case by case basis.  

A subdivision is the division of a parcel of land (described on a single title) into two or more parts. The rearranging of property boundaries (if there are two or more titles) can also be considered a subdivision. The Municipality has created the RM of St. Andrews Subdivision Guidebook to assist property owners who are going through the subdivision process for the first time.

A rezoning is a proposal to make a change to the Zoning By-Law, either the requirements for new development, or a change to a property’s land use (e.g. from agriculture to residential). 

Development Plan Amendment
A development plan amendment is a proposal to make a change to the Development Plan, either to the policies for new development, or to the type and location for future development (e.g. from agriculture to residential).