• Phase 2 Updates

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August 6, 2019 - Notice of Phase 2 Low Pressure Sewer Update

Installation of the Phase 2 low pressure sewers is near completion and both contractors will be commencing hydro-static testing and flushing of the sewers shortly. This process involves filling the pipes with water and checking for leaks, as well as flushing out any mud or debris that may have entered the pipes during installation. Any leaks detected will be repaired as required.

There will be testing water discharged to the ditches during the testing and flushing operations. Ditches will be monitored to ensure that water is flowing freely.

Surface restorations, such as topping up settlement in excavated areas, placing topsoil and sod and repairing road damage are underway.
Phase 2 Public Hearing Presentation - May 11, 2017